All Brilliant stats are since inception (September, 2014)  unless otherwise noted.

  • A Brilliant First:   The Brilliant Incubator, located in the ACE Building,  opened on the north campus in May, 2017.
  • $400,000:  Startup investment in Brilliant company
  • $240,900:  Grants to UOIT and Brilliant startups
  • $123,350:  Firefly awards since May, 2015 to Brilliant and UOIT startups
  • $146,000:  External Competition Awards to UOIT and Brilliant startups
  •        1574: Participants in Brilliant Entrepreneurship events, workshops and competitions 
  •                 250:  Enrollment inas of Nov. 1, 2016 in the university’s Game Development and Entrepreneurship program.
  •          141:  Brilliant events/workshops
  •           64:  Startups led by UOIT students, faculty and alumni since 2013 
  •          59:  Students participating on Brilliant startup teams in first 3 Cohorts
  •          42:  Firefly awards since May 2015 
  •           35:  Number of Brilliant Clients
  •           24: Number of Brilliant startups in Brilliant incubator, Cohorts 1-3




Brilliant Entrepreneurship at UOIT is supported in part by FastStart and Incubate Innovate Network of Canada (I-INC). FastStart is a member of the Ontario Network of Excellence and is funded in part by the Ontario Centres of Excellence. I-INC is supported in part by the National Research Council Canada.