Find Funding for your Company:  Where to Start and Next Steps

If You are Returning to School Next Year Check out

Summer Company:    Up to $3,000 is available for Ontario students returning to school ages 15-29.  

N.B.  app and tech businesses must be market ready and must generate sales by the end of the summer

Durham College and UOIT students access info and contacts here:  Summer Company 

Trent University and Fleming College students access info and contacts here:  Summer Company

IF You are 18-29

There is the potential to access over $100,000 with a $1,250 investment and some sales.  

Step 1:  Starter Company:  If you have $1,250 to invest you may be eligible for $5,000 if you are between ages 18-29 and are not returning to school. 

Durham Region:  access info and contacts here:  Starter Company 

Peterborough:  access info and contacts here:   Starter Company 

Step 2:  Futurpreneur:  If you are 18 - 39....Up to $45,000 may be available from Futurpreneur.  "We offer collateral-free loans at better interest rates than most banks. But we can’t do it alone. We’re able to finance up to $15,000 per business. If you need more money, BDC may provide up to $30,000."

For more information on Futurpreneur please click here

Step 3:   If you are between the ages 18-29...The Ontario Centres of Excellence Smart Start Seed Fund  has up to $60,000 available.  Proof of market traction and a minimum of 50% matching cash (outside money) is required. 

N. B. Steps 2 and 3 may be done at the same time and you may still be in school to access these 2 programs.

"Under the updated agreement, applicants to OCE’s SmartStart Seed Fund (SmartStart) program who submit a complete and eligible application that is externally reviewed (as per Section D) have the option to be fast-tracked into Futurpreneur’s program application stream."

Other Funding Opportunities

BACD has an excellent list of funding opportunities organized into the following categories:  Financing Options, Government Grant Information, and Other Grant/Funding Information.  Click here for this resource.