UOIT Brilliant Certificate Program


UOIT Brilliant Entrepreneurship offers UOIT and Durham College students the opportunity to obtain a non-academic certificate in Entrepreneurship. This certificate is obtained upon attending a specific number of workshops and providing a Business Model Canvas at the end of the semester.

Two certificates will be offered; a "Introduction to Entrepreneurship" certificate in the Fall semester and a "Advanced Entrepreneurial Skills" skills certificate in the Winter semester.  


The Topics

Fall 2016 Workshops

Ideation & Ideas: Coming up with your business idea

Come learn about how Entrepreneurs develop their ideas – the first step of creating your own startup. Whether you have an existing business, want to start one or are just curious – this workshop will provide you the tools to develop your idea.

Market Validation & Research

Now you need to validate it to prove if there is both a market and need for your product. This is a key part in developing the foundation of your business - do you have market that will both need and pay for your product? Come learn techniques and resources available to help you validate your business!

Pitching Your Business

Learn the basics about how to pitch your business. Whether to investors, potential clients or co-founders, this interactive sessions with show you the basics of how to pitch your business

Prototyping Your Idea

Now that you have an idea, how do you prototype it? In this session, learn about how to get over the gap from idea to physical prototype and the various thought processes and methods involved.

Developing Your Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is the blueprint of any startup. Come learn about this exciting method that will enable you to plan out your business that covers everything from logistics to revenue.

Winter 2017 Workshops

Utilizing your Business Model Canvas (Jan 25 5-7 PM)

Now that you have developed your business model canvas, learn how to properly use this tool as you develop and evolve your startup.

Legal Details for Entrepreneurs: 5 Key Agreements for any founder's toolkit

Join us for a workshop that will cover the typical legal issues faced by every entrepreneur. From incorporation, team agreements to ownership this workshop will provide you with the key tools of any startup founder's tool kit.

Pitching your Business & Sales

Learn the basics about pitching and sales. This workshop will cover how to pitch not only your business, but also breakdown the methodology of selling.

Entrepreneurial Finance 101

This workshop will cover the basics of finance for Entrepreneurs. Come learn about the basic financial concepts so as a founder, you'll be able to assess your business better.

Digital and Social Media for Entrepreneurs

Learn about different strategies and techniques used for digital and social media strategy.

Funding for Entrepreneurs

Join us for an interactive panel that will cover the different types and opportunities for funding. 



+ Do I have attend all classes to recieve the certificate?

No, you do not. You only need to attend 80% of the classes and provide a business model canvas before the end of the semester. Alternatively, you can register and attend any event of your choosing but will not recieve a certificate if requirements are not complete.

+ Will this certificate show up on my transcript?

No, this certificate is non-academic and as such, will not show up on your transcript.

+ Is this event for me?

If you're curious about entrepreneurship then yes it is! Whether you're an entrepreneur or new to the world of startups - this certificate will expose you to the process of developing an idea to an actual business!

+ Do I need a business background/student?

No. Particiapants do not have to have any prior business experience or be a student from the faculty of business. Our program is open to any student (undergraduate or graduate) in any faculty.

+ Do I need to pay?

No, there is no cost to attend our workshops.

+ Do I have to participate in all three days?

Absolutely. Participants are expected to participate in all three days to not only ensure teams are "in the zone" but also to minimize any distractions/distruptions.

+ Who can participate?

The certificate program is only for UOIT and Durham College students. However, the workshops themselves is open to all students (undergraduate and graduate) from UOIT, Durham College, Trent University and Fleming College.

+ Do I need an idea to attend?

No, not all participants are required to pitch but are encouraged to! The idea you pitch can be something you've been want to do for a while or something last minute you think of during the event.

+ What should I bring?

  • Laptop
  • Power Cord
  • Notebook (Optional...nothing like old school!)
  • Lots of creative energy!

Have a question/questions not covered above? 


Jeffrey Peng, Student Liaison Officer

e-mail jeffrey.peng@uoit.ca

tel: 905-721-8668 ext. 6522

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