Say hello to FastStart DC's new partner program, the DC Summer Accelerator!

We are very pleased to announce that in our first year of operation, FastStart DC is able to offer incubation support and guidance on a full-time basis to 10 local teams who have been selected to go through the acceleration process as they build their entrepreneurial skills and start their own businesses. These DC Summer Accelerator participants will be working under the direct guidance and support of Spark Centre in their brand new space, The Loft.   In addition, they will be working side-by-side and collaboratively with our partners at FastStart UOIT and their UOIT Brilliant Program participants. Together, these teams and individuals have been attending seminars and meetings throughout the acceleration process, some of which you can also sit in on as well by checking out the incubator programing EventBrite account here: http://www.eventbrite.com/o/brilliant-summer-incubator-2015-8167993505

This program is designed to help students, alumni, and local youth take their ideas or business ventures to market quickly and effectively.  For more information, please visit our webpage: http://www.durhamcollege.ca/faststart

The participants in this inaugural year include: 

1)            Jeremy Coulis 
2)            Ashley Boumans & Team 
3)            Shanoo Gupta 
4)            William Biggar 
5)            Kristof Lindale 
6)            Shazaan Sajeeb 
7)            Richard East 
8)            Michael Shankar 
9)            Michael Brideau 
10)          Russell Hawley & Team