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This program is open to all UOIT students (undergraduate and graduate) and recent UOIT alumni. 

Students and Student Teams:  Develop your innovative technology ideas into a real venture at UOIT Brilliant Entrepreneurship's Winter Incubator ( January- March).

Benefit from the expertise of private sector Advisors,  Brilliant's Executive in Residence and Brilliant Staff.  Participants will have access to workspace on-campus providing the opportunity to meet other start-ups and learn  share with like-minded peers. This fast-paced environment will link you to the dynamic and growing entrepreneurial support network in the region and the GTA, and introduce you to the tools, resources and funding opportunities you need to help turn your dreams into reality.   

Whether you already have a company or are just developing your idea, the Brilliant Winter Incubator can take you to the next level.  

Your incubator experience will instill entrepreneurial competencies in demand by employers.



  1. Opportunity-seeking and initiative || Entrepreneurs seek opportunities and take the initiative to transform them into business opportunities
  2. Persistence || When most people tend to abandon an activity, successful entrepreneurs stick with it.
  3. Fulfilling of commitments || Entrepreneurs keep their promises, no matter how great the personal sacrifice.
  4. Demand for quality and efficiency || Entrepreneurs try to do something better, faster, or cheaper.
  5. Calculated risk-taking || Taking calculated risks is one of the primary concepts in entrepreneurship.
  6. Goal-setting || This is the most important competency because none of the rest will function without it. Entrepreneurs set goals and objectives that are meaningful and challenging.
  7. Information-seeking || Entrepreneurs gather information about their clients, suppliers, technology, and opportunities.
  8. Systematic planning and monitoring || Systematic behavior means acting in a logical way. Planning is deciding what to do. Monitoring means checking.
  9. Persuasion and networking || Entrepreneurs influence other people to follow them or do something for them.
  10. Independence and self-confidence || Entrepreneurs have a quiet self-assurance in their capability or potential to do something.


The application process

The application process for the Brilliant Incubator consists of two steps: submitting an application online and then an interview with a  selection committee.

To be eligible, applicants/teams must:

  • Be focused on solving real world problems and seeking out unmet opportunities  
  • At least one founder be a current student (undergraduate or graduate) or alumni of UOIT
  • Have the entrepreneurial drive to learn and consistently develop/redevelop their idea

To apply to the Brilliant Incubator, applicants must:

Step 1: Application

Interested students are to please fill out the online application form.

Students will have until {                 } to submit their application.

Step 2: Interview with Selection Committee

Selected candidates will be required to interview with a selection committee




+ Is this Incubator for me?

If you have a business idea, then yes it is! Whether you're an existing entrepreneur or new to the world of startups - the Brilliant Incubator will help develop your business further.

+ Do I need a business background/be an FBIT student?

No. Participants do not have to be FBIT students or have any prior business knowledge.

+ Do I need to pay?

No, there is no cost to participate.

+ What is my commitment level?

Students are expected to participate fully in any Incubator programming and to interact regularly with their mentors and the Incubator coordinator for continuing assessment. Although we realize that your academic studies are important, commitment and persistence are key to a successful incubator experience.

+ Who can participate?

This event is open to all students (undergraduate and graduate) as well as alumni from UOIT.

+ Do I need a team?

No. Although you can apply with a team, you do not need to have one.

+ Do I have to pitch an idea to get in?

No, You will be interviewed about your idea.

+ What kind of ideas does the Incubator accept?

Ideas must be innovative and technology-oriented, although different business models are eligible (non-profit, social, etc).

+ What can I do to prep?

We offer resources on the following site.

Have a question/questions not covered above? 


Jeffrey Peng, Student Liaison Officer


tel: 905-721-8668 ext. 6522

Brilliant Entrepreneurship at UOIT is supported in part by FastStart and Incubate Innovate Network of Canada (I-INC). FastStart is a member of the Ontario Network of Excellence and is funded in part by the Ontario Centres of Excellence. I-INC is supported in part by the National Research Council Canada.